O2 degrees of separation

A friend of mine called Anna (not her real name) has recently left a controlling relationship. It’s been a very tough time for her but she keeps finding energy and hope in the most unlikely of places. She posted this on Facebook:

“I just rang O2 and randomly got through to this beautiful French woman at their call centre Lilas Lafleur. We got talking (about other stuff than my mobile phone) and she gave me the link to listen to this song.

WOW. Thank you universe for introducing me to incredible people. ❤️”

Anna had rung O2 about her phone bill. She was worried because she only had access to a joint business account with her ex-partner but he’d drained the account and now it was frozen. Anna explained that she’d fled domestic abuse.

She said Lilas was AMAZING to talk to. They really connected. The call gave her a real lift.

I wonder if O2 realise what an amazing employee they have there?

I wonder how many other incredible connections are made by contact centre workers really listening and just for a few minutes being a human first and an employee second?

My friend has had lots of support from workmates, friends and organisations like Women’s Aid. But unexpected kindness from a stranger, down a telephone line from France seems to have had a special impact….precisely because of its unexpectedness.

It’s made me reflect on all the times I nearly said something to someone but didn’t.


(I had never heard of gaslighting. If you haven’t you can read about it here.)


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