A front door is so much more

What colour should you paint your front door?

That’s the question Good Housekeeping magazine asked its readers in this 2016 feature.

The front door is the face of your home, it’s the first thing guests will see and notice about your property.

I came across it while looking for a picture of lots of different front doors to go with this post. It actually captures pretty well a lot of the emotions that go with choosing how we want to present our home to the outside world; what we want to say about ourselves to anyone who walks up to our home.

I remember hearing the MP Alan Milburn talking about growing up in a council house in County Durham with his mum (I thought it was Desert Island Discs but I couldn’t find it on here if it was). The story that stuck in my head was when he described how he felt when he came home from school one day to find a man from the council painting the front door of their house yellow. When he left for school it had been red. No one from the council had asked his mum if she wanted the door painted…let alone whether she wanted it painted yellow.

I know that a lot on the left don’t much care for Alan Milburn but I like to think he had a genuine passion for social mobility and helping to create a society where inequality was in decline.

I was reminded of his front door story recently when I saw a great post on Bromford’s Yammer site about a door.

It was a post by a neighbourhood coach in Andoversford who had met a family who had just had new windows fitted to their house. They were singing the praises of the guys from Anglian who’d done the fitting. They were pleased to see the back of their old draughty windows and looked forward to saving money on their future energy bills. But the thing they were most pleased about was getting to choose the colour of their new front door. (They’d gone for red as it happens).

The kids were over the moon with their new front door…singing ‘red door’ on the way home from school apparently. If in 30 years time they are still talking about the day their front door changed colour then hopefully, unlike Alan Milburn, they’ll be sharing a story about how they’d been able to choose the colour, how well the door fitted and how safe it helped them feel. If Bromford features in the story at all, then we should be a footnote…a landlord who just did the right thing.


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