“Go on……you can do it!”


We all experience times where nothing seems to be going right, where we feel like screaming “I just can’t do this any more!”

Most of us are lucky enough to have a reservoir of memories of times when we managed to overcome feelings like this. Times when someone gave us encouragement or support. Times when we’ve been able to draw on the strength and belief of others. Times when a parent or a friend has told us……”go on, you can do it!”

Some of the people we work with at Bromford are not so lucky. They’ve experienced homelessness or life in care; substance misuse or poor mental health; debt or abuse. They’ve experienced years of knock backs; years of being labelled because of the things they can’t do; years of navigating health systems, care systems, education systems, housing systems and welfare systems that encourage and give attention to those who focus on their problems, needs and personal deficits.

You Can aims to change that – at least for some.

You Can is for people who’ve never been given a chance to prove what they can do. For people who have been told they are not good enough. For people who have been encouraged to believe that they can’t make it.

Bromford is all about inspiring people to be the best they can be. It’s in our DNA. As part of our 50th Anniversary You Can helped fund the Snowdonia Challenge. Young Bromford customers worked together with volunteer colleagues and the Outward Bound Trust to design, plan and help fundraise for a life changing challenge in Snowdonia. A week of getting out of their comfort zones and trying things they’d never done before saw plenty of tears and tantrums. Not everyone made it but most did. And by the end…..after a gruelling ascent in horrendous weather conditions….they felt like a million dollars. They had amazed themselves and shown everyone else just what they were capable of. They had some self belief.

IMG_2522 IMG_2527

Now the Snowdonia part of the challenge is over we want to capitalize on the foundations that have been layed. The young people will completing an accredited training programme in assertiveness, confidence building and employability skills to help each achieve their personal goals and act as a launchpad into education or employment and a really bright future.

On Sunday 20th October I’m taking part in the Great Birmingham Run with 30 colleagues, partners and friends to raise much needed funding for You Can.

It would be great if you could show your support for You Can by sponsoring us here.

Every donation will be helping to say you can to someone who has only ever been told that they can’t.

Thank you and please share the link with your friends and family.


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2 responses to ““Go on……you can do it!”

  1. cant wait to help on the employability skills for these guys John. So much satisfaction from seeing the distance trravelled


    • They’ve certainly earned the input James. Let’s hope this final push can get them where they’re hoping to get to.


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