Fear and Loathing in Primark

I’ve recently been rather captivated by two very different blogs.

One is from a 60 year old entrepreneur and business man at the pinnacle of his career and one from a 22 year old woman just starting out on hers.

S Fear

Stephen Fear may not be a household name……yet…..but give him another 12 months and I reckon he will be. A serial entrepreneur with over 60 companies under his belt he recently became Entrepreneur in Residence at the British Library. He has a wonderful story to tell – starting his first business aged 15 from a phone box on a council estate in Bristol. Stephen is a prolific blogger. I hope he won’t mind me saying that they are not particularly crafted blogs. There are no pictures. No clever word play or linking of disparate themes. He just writes about whatever has grabbed his attention – events, issues, experiences, ideas. What I love about Stephen’s blogs is their freshness and spontaneity.

Here is a great one on the virtues of being organised.


Lisette Henry‘s blog is a complete contrast to Stephen’s. She is a recent History graduate of York University, our neighbours’ daughter and used to be a fine baby sitter back in the day. She is now a master blogger. In fact because of her own blog she’s recently landed a job with Paperchase to write one for them. Her own blog is called Lisette Loves and is really just an outlet for her musings on anything and everything that she does or likes……mostly about clothes but lots more girlie stuff besides. Now it’s not the content that I enjoy with Lisette’s blog……loath would be a bit strong…….but I really don’t have much use for a review of a Primark strawberry onesie. What I do love though is the humour, the personality…….the sheer joie de vivre of the thing. Paperchase are onto a winner.

Here’s a recent Lisette Loves blog on DIY……but not the fixing a leaky radiator kind of DIY.

I have lots of colleagues at Bromford who turn out blogs of an incredible standard – funny, moving, profound – and to be honest they can be a bit intimidating. A new crop of bloggers has hit the e-waves this month.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds too many of their own ideas never see the light of day because they never quite come together and the moment passes. I’ve seen lots of wonderful first blogs which never seem to get a follow up. I imagine someone endlessly deleting their ‘not good enough’ second blog…..a writer’s equivalent of the ‘second album syndrome’.

Well thanks to Stephen and Lisette I feel liberated.

I’m revamping my About page.

I’ve worked on a few of my ideas that have languished on my laptop and I feel far less precious about them.

While you wait for my next blog (due any day now) here is a little tribute to Lisette Loves.  This is my recent ‘haul’ from a lovely street market in Sainte Foy La Grande in the Dordogne (where I recently spent a very relaxing fortnight with my family). I’m not a big fan of Primark but I do love a bargain……



5 responses to “Fear and Loathing in Primark

  1. Nice blog! Your right about the blogging taking off. When I started, and that was less than a year ago there was pretty much only Paul, Andy and you who occasionally posted anything. Now theres 10x the amount around the business.

    To me blogging is all about personality and just doing your own thing and stamping your own identity as opposed to trying to figure out whats “good” and copying it. Glad to hear you’ll be posting again.

    P.S. Everyone has the need for a strawberry onesie.


  2. Well done for a nice article; I like your approach of featuring two successful bloggers that you like. Blogging is very much about perseverance, ideas, deciding how personal you want to be, what are your areas of interest and what do you want to get out of it. I have been writing my blog on wordpress since June and I had it for 6 months on blogger with a different name, and it is almost everyday that I question, myself why am I doing it etc. And at the end of the day even if you have one new visitor, or one new connection or comment, I find it is worthwhile as it makes you open to others. Then it is your decision how much time you want to spend blogging etc. I know I have to limit my posts to 2-3 per week and be quick at writing them as I don’t have a lot of time. Anyhow enough with my rambling. I will go and check out the other blogs.


    • Hi Laura. Thanks for the generous comments and for sharing your experiences of blogging. There are lots of great bloggers at Bromford but mostly they are in a similar style ie more like essays – well crafted, intelligent, witty. I wanted to share some other approaches because I think that might inspire a broader more spontaneous approach either from existing bloggers or hopefully some new ones.

      I’ll to check yours out now. 2-3 posts a week……that’s amazing!


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