Are you the Wind or the Sun?

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I heard Derek Griffiths reading ‘The North Wind and the Sun’ on Playschool. I know I loved Derek’s voice and the shimmering illustrations by the author Brian Wildsmith. But what has stayed with me most over the intervening 40 or so years is the simple story of a contest between the loud, angry wind and the quiet gentle sun.

The book itself is out of print but I recently got hold of a discarded and rather battered copy from Stockport library. I am pleased to say it is as delightful to read now as my memory promised me it would be.

I am always quoting this story to colleagues at Bromford. I think it is one of the best management books I have ever read!

It came to mind this week as I was talking with one of my team who is leaving to launch a new charity.

I’d like to dedicate this retelling to him.













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